The Circular Economy

I first heard of the term Circular Economy at the Zero Waste Festival in Melbourne late last year and I thought, I need to know more about this! So here’s my 101 on it.

Globally we have used resources in what can be called a Linear Economy where we use natural resources to make into products, we use and then dispose of.  A circular economy as demonstrated by the below diagrams, which includes the design, making, usage and recycling of a product.

Circular economy - The Circular Economy

A circular system operates in nature, for example trees produce oxygen which we require and we expel CO2 which trees then convert back to O2. Even composting in our backyard fits within a circular cycle. We grow our vegies, eat and compost and grow our vegies again. Simple! Once again nature trumps.

Here in our backyard we use the chickens, the worm farm and the compost to transform our green waste into something usable which supports the growing of more edibles. Currently we have beautiful plump raspberries which we pluck straight from the cane as a snack. The worms also really like water soaked toilet rolls as it gives good roughage and lessens the waste leaving our plot. Is it strange to have a goal of not putting out a garbage bin because we have no garbage? My Dad lives alone and only puts his garbage bin out every few weeks. Perhaps I will do a blog on how he achieves this.

If you are interested in finding out more about this growing term, Youtube has some very good concrete examples.

Hope you found this interesting- start dropping the term Circular Economy in your chats and enlighten others with your knowledge!!

Til next month