Soap Berries


Soap Berries are a highly effective natural alternative to chemical cleaners.

They will leave your laundry fresh, soft and clean compared to manufactured detergents, which can leave your washing stiff, scratchy and hard on sensitive skin.

Soap Berries can be used on all fabrics and at all temperatures from 30° C – 90° C. Great for all washing machines, Septic tanks and all allergy sufferers.


What can I use Soap Berries for?

You can use Soap Berries for just about everything. As a detergent, a personal cleanser and shampoo, a general-purpose cleaner, car wash, pet wash, vegetable wash, carpet and upholstery cleaner… Soap Berries are most commonly used as a laundry detergent.

They are used instead of chemical detergents and fabric softeners. Simply place a few of these amazing Soap Berries into our small Wash bag and throw them in with your washing.

Soap Berries will leave your laundry clean and fresh for around 6 washes, no need for any other cleansers or fabric softeners. At around 10 cents per wash, why would you use anything else? Soap Berry shells are used on their own in a cotton bag tied at the top and put into the machine with your clothes.

They do not need to be removed during the rinse cycle as there is no harmful or irritating residue as is left over from normal detergents. The surfactants in the berries clean and soften your laundry in one economic and environmentally-friendly swoop!


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