Soap Berries 100g


Soapberries are a highly effective natural alternative to chemical cleaners.

No plastic, no waste, and easily breaks down.


What can I use Soapberries for?

Soapberries can be used for just about everything. As a detergent, a cleanser and shampoo, a general household cleaner, a car wash, pet wash, wash your veggies with them, even your carpet and upholstery! Although soapberries are most commonly used as a laundry detergent. See how we use them in this Youtube video.


Why buy Soapberries?

Soapberries will leave your laundry smelling fresh, feeling soft and looking clean. Manufactured detergents can leave your washing feeling stiff, scratchy and can be harsh on sensitive skin.

Soapberry shells are used on their own little cotton bag, tied at the top and put into the machine with your clothes. They work out to be around 10 cents per wash, which is great for saving some money and the environment.

You don’t have to remove them during the rinse cycle as there is no harmful or irritating residue as opposed to supermarket-bought detergents. The surfactants in the berries clean and soften your laundry in one wallet-friendly and eco-friendly swoop!

Great for all washing machine types, septic tanks and all allergy sufferers.


How to use

Add a few of these wonderful little soapberries into a small wash bag and put them in with your washing. Soapberries can be used on all fabrics and all temperatures from 30° C – 90° C.

After 6 washes, switch out your soapberries with new soap berries from your bag, and discard of the old berries into your compost, garden or put it in your general waste so they can breakdown. No plastic, no waste, and easily breaks down.


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