Bamboo Travel Kit


This pack has it all,

And packs a punch with a knife, fork, spoon, 2 chopsticks & straw, a HEMP SISAL cleaning brush for the straw (NO PLASTIC HERE), all in a handy cotton wrap with snap clip.



Bamboo Travel Kit

Help protect our environment with the MIECO CUTLERY SET, They are REUSABLE & ETHICAL and MAKES THE PERFECT ECO-FRIENDLY GIFT:

Every day, millions of plastic utensils end up in our ocean, killing sea life and destroying our nature. You can make a difference: Say no to the deadly, damaging plastic, and yes to reusable bamboo cutlery!

We love our Bamboo cutlery set in a great cotton wrap carry case,

The set easily fits into your everyday life. Perfect for outdoor camping adventures & luxurious enough to set at the dinner table.