Good times, Melbourne

We had been counting down the days until we all piled in the car and headed off to the big smoke for a weekend away to attend the National Sustainable Living Festival at the Queen Vic Market.

The day had finally arrived, and we hit the road with the pram, suitcase, bags, toys, books, water bottles, snacks, entertainment, good moods, smiling faces…. oh and how could I forget the kids!! It was a fairly uneventful drive except for the odd yet familiar cry of ‘He hit me’ or ‘He took that from me’ followed by some crying to drown out the noise of the big city trucks.

Once checked into the hotel there was just enough time for the kids to test out the bed springs with the mandatory trampolining session, which resulted in the verdict of ‘these beds are awesome’, before we hit the market to suss out what the go was for the exciting days ahead.

Day 1 saw us walking to the market when we happened to stumble upon a Melbourne Fire Brigade Station, and to our luck, there was one of the happiest station crews we had ever met. One of the firemen offered to open up the truck for the boys to have a look, before handing them the hose and asking them to blast the wall in front of them, which they both did with much delight (I had a sneaky little pull on the trigger too!).

Making our way further along, we finally reached the market and decided to head in and wonder at the sights and smells of the seafood market, and boy there are some BIG fish! As we emerged out the other side, the Sustainability Festival came to life with live music, food and a load of amazing stallholders showcasing a wide range of new and innovative sustainable options for our busy day to day lives.

Beeswax wraps from Kikikovic, Reincarnating rubbish with Wozwaste, Unique and ethical vegan clothing pieces by Pearl & M, refillable whiteboard markers by Auspen and so much more. It was such a joy to see so many people interested in not only our products but in the sustainable lifestyle as a whole.

After a busy day at the stall, lots of shopping, munching on Spanish donuts and fresh fruit, it was time to close the stall down for the night, head up to Lygon Street for a yummy bowl of pasta, kick off the shoes and call it a night.

slf photo scaled - Good times, Melbourne

Sunday, the last day of the festival brought lots of sunshine and lots of smiling faces, but before all that, there was the buffet breakfast which had the kids jumping for joy at the prospect of having waffles first thing in the morning (They were delicious). Fully charged and ready to go, it was time to open the stall.

With our Soap Berries generating more momentum everywhere we go, today was no exception and the day was off to a flyer, with many people asking questions and wanting a demonstration. So many people have heard of and are interested in Soap Berries and demonstrating them in real life gave people are real buzz! Mother Nature sure is on to something!

Today we also noticed a lot of interest in our Double Edge Safety Razors, but one of the main questions was, do they come with the blades? Quite some time ago, we made the decision not to supply the blades with our razors due to the vast amount of blade options out there, leaving people free to choose, but maybe that’s something we need to revisit. Thoughts??

Well after a very exciting but exhausting couple of days, our heads full of ideas, wonder and ambition for the future, we packed up our things, grabbed the kids and hit the road for home, ready for our next adventure.

That’s a wrap!