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Board games.

I’ve always been a big fan of board and card games. Growing up with the classics like Cluedo (how good were those character names!), Scrabble, Chess, Chinese Checkers, 500 and Patience. There was always a pack of cards within easy reach. One of my earliest pre-school memories is playing Chase the Ace with mum on a picnic blanket underneath the apricot tree. But my favourite board game-Monopoly!! The romance of those London streets, the opportunities and the longevity – a game could be set up for days and days.

But alas a recent game of monopoly has seen its standing as number one dropped! Why you ask? It’s about a 5-year-old entrepreneur who rolled me, despite my ownership of Park Lane and Mayfair WITH hotels!! How can he have gone around that last side of the board sooooo many times and not landed on them! He won with the light blue Pentonville set and the Northumberland set! As my white line fever was visible to his “coach”( aka Drew-who we had crushed earlier) comments such as “come on he’s only 5” “you should be proud of how well he is playing” had me retorting that him being 5 years old MAKES IT WORSE!! So as any good sport does I shook hands at the conclusion and watched their victory dance with a smile on my face. Back to the chess board Charlie boy where I know, I can still win!!

Monopoly 1 - Fun & Games

So the theme of entrepreneurialism continued when Charlie decided to set up a stall on the nature strip and sell gumnuts. Yep- gumnuts! Originally priced at 1 for a dollar, now was the time for a 101 on how this whole supply and demand thing works.  Selling price was 3 for a dollar- bargain! A sneaky messenger message to the contacts around town saw him make a profit of $7. (BTW- this stall happened before monopoly otherwise I would have charged him rent for the space) All money going towards the Colour Fun Run at school.

Charlie may roll me in monopoly, but I thought I will show him some skills on a rainy Sunday afternoon where we headed to the local roller skating rink. Here, Drew was able to showcase his rollerblading skills and what a groove he had- whipping around that rink with 2-year-old Sonny in his arms- so cute!

Let’s see what activities the next month or so brings- I can guarantee no monopoly!!