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45 years old – really??

Ok – here we go on my first blog ever! I’m usually more of a chit chatter than a writer, and coming up with a subject to write about is hard! Kudos to all those committed bloggers out there. So the most recent event in our lives was my 45th birthday, so thought this would be something to share.

I had a lovely day out with my 3 boys on Thursday going for a bushwalk, a browse through the nursery and out for lunch. Perfect, it is pretty much identical to last years birthday. We made a decision a couple of years ago that one of our family traditions will be that we don’t work or go to school on birthdays- that’s only 4 a year so fairly easy at the moment as we don’t ever have competing demands with only little kids, but how committed will we be when they are older? Anyway, for now, we just love the 4 of us being together and a birthday is a great way to celebrate this.

The most interesting part of the day though came when Drew decided to tell me that due to there being no ambiguity about my age- I am now officially mid-forties that it is time for me to get a glasses chain!  WHAT!!! (I am grateful he didn’t wrap one up as a present though) He was so sincere about how frustrating my lost glasses can make him that I caved and got one. WOW!!  Life changer. I now have about 3 extra hours in the day but my step count has reduced significantly as I am not searching every room in the house multiple times and umpteen times a day! 5-year-old Charlie did comment that if I lose the chain with my glasses then I will have lost 2 things- helpful!!

So although birthdays become less significant as we get older, sometimes a little nugget of gold ( in the form of a glasses chain) can be heaven-sent. I URGE you to consider one – let’s make the glasses chain cool!!